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Family Reunion Statistics to Help You Plan

Family Reunion Statistics to Help You Plan


Planning a family reunion requires a lot of organization and tons of help.

It also requires knowledge of when the best time is for a reunion, and what activities are most popular with certain age groups.

After all, knowing what the average group hotel discount is would certainly help when you are getting group hotel rates. Here are some popular queries we have received about planning family reunions.

What is the most popular time of the year to host a family reunion?

Summer – 65.8%
Fall – 12.6%
Winter – 11.2%
Spring – 10.4%

Why is summer the most popular time for family reunions?

The availability of outdoor locations and activities is a popular reason as are the fact that the weather is nicer, kids are out of school and summer is generally an easier time to travel for most. Independance day is a popular time for family reunions.

Fall reunions generally center around Thanksgiving day or Labor Day and is chosen primarily because the weather is still quite nice and there are still many available outdoor activities.

Who is planning the family reunions?

47% – Family planning committee
40% – Single family member (Shame on you, ask for help!)

How far in advance do people plan family reunions?

Most people (42%) start planning a reunion 13-18 months before the actual date.

How big should my family reunion be?

Over 57% of the family reunions have between 50 and 149 attendees. If your reunion is going to be more than 50 people, you probably will be looking to block hotel rooms at a hotel. If that is the case, then make sure you read how to get group rates at hotels fast.

What is the average savings we can expect when we get group rates for hotels?

Group rates at hotel depend on the star level of the hotel you select. Statistics show that the majority (80%) stay two or more nights at a hotel so getting a great group rate at a hotel can yield a significant savings to the entire family. The following savings percentages are based on the rates we have provided clients when we get group rates for hotels.

15.9% – 2 Star Hotels (Max savings is 54.0%)
24.6% – 3 Star Hotels (Max savings is 77.6%)
23.5% – 4 Star Hotels (Max savings is 63.5%)
14.6% – 5 Star Hotels (Max savings is 42.0%)

What types of activities are most popular at family reunions?

63% – Cultural Activities & Tours
56% – Awards, Recognitions
53% – Area Attractions
44% – Recreational Activities
39% – Outside Catering
19% – Sports

How often do families hold reunions?

Over 50% of the families that hold reunions have them every year or every other year. Most family reunions have at least three or four generations attending. Although an interesting fact is that 15.80% of all reunions include five (yes, five) generations.

What are the most popular reasons to have a family reunion?

Most families have reunions to catch up with others, to tend to immediate family needs, to maintain closeness, discuss history, and for personal rest and relaxation.

What are the top ten activities at family reunions?

Rank Children Parents Grandparents
1 Casual Chatting Casual Chatting Casual Chatting
2 Taking Family Photos Taking Family Photos Taking Family Photos
3 Outdoor Sports Sharing Family Photos Sharing Family Photos
4 Board/Table Games Dining In A Restaurant Board/Table Games
5 Sharing Family Photos Sightseeing Cooking
6 Swimming Cooking Outdoor Sports
7 Dining In A Restaurant Shopping Church Service
8 Church Service Church Service Dining In A Restaurant
9 Sightseeing Outdoor Sports Sightseeing
10 Shopping Board/Table Games Shopping

What is the average cost per person at a family reunion?

The average cost person at most reunions is between $51-$99. This number does not include any dues, donations and fundraisers that might have occurred prior to the family reunion.

What are the most popular places to have a reunion?

32% – Recreational park
22% – Restaurant/Banquet Hall
18% – Resort or scenic location
14% – Consider major cities like New York, Boston, Los Angeles or Washington DC

What are the largest source of revenue for a family reunion?

68.4% – Entrance Fees
45.5% – Donations
25.7% – Raffles
15.5% – Souvenir Sales

What services are generally used in planning a family reunion?

69.1% – Catering
47.4% – Professional Photography
26.3% – Tours
23.0% – Buses
10.5% – Flowers
5.90% – Professional Meeting Planners

The above statistics are a combination of information we have gathered both online and offline. The major contributors to the information above are, Juyeon Jun’s Research , Joe Goldblatt’s Research.

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